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Mar 29, 2017: News and Shows

Happy Piano Day 2017!

First off, my apologies for the disappearing act as of late. I’ve been continuing work on the more uninteresting side of releasing a record; we’re almost there… I’ll be announcing a single release, followed by the full album release date over the next few weeks. Also in store is an album launch, summer tour dates, and a few other unbelievably exciting things. Stand by! This past week I was running around Germany to play a handful of shows alongside a few other Canadian acts, and getting to know some beautiful people. We had a great time and they invited us back! So we’re gonna make a quick visit to Toronto next month and then return to Germany and the UK in May, followed by Canadian touring throughout the summer. If we’re playing and you’re in the neighbourhood or know someone who is, don’t be a stranger. Here is the next couple months of tour dates, with more to come soon:

Apr 20: Toronto, Drake Underground May 11: Berlin, Madame Claude May 12: Offenbach, Hafen 2 May 13: Cologne, Lichtung May 14: Essen, GoldBar May 16: Dresden, Blue Note May 17: Hamburg, Spielbudenplatz May 18: London, The Green Note

I can’t wait to get this new record in your hands, and to see you out at the shows this year. I may owe some of you more of an explanation as to where the hell this record and I have been hiding for the last six months. If so, write me anytime or meet me at the bar after the show and I’ll bend your ear …until it’s unrecognizable as your ear. A feit tes sein, Declan

p.s. if you’re one of the incredible people that helped us fund this record, I have not forgotten about you! Your album will be in the mail in advance of the release date, be sure to get in touch if your mailing info has changed. I love you dearly.


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