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Dear friends,

It's been a minute and much has happened. I recorded a new record and I'm just stoked to start showing yous all, starting with the first track 'Within the Pale'.

Within the Pale is a fuzzy, sticky, feel good(?) song about feeling strange. It asks why we’re here and where we’re going, and offers a sparring partner to anyone that’s wrestling with big, bloated questions that don’t have an answer.

I've also been on a bit of a walk about. In 2022 I was privileged to get to return to the stage and travelled to some extraordinary places. I spent time around some of my old haunts in the Yukon and Toronto before finding brand new stages and faces in Sweden, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and beautiful Ireland. Ireland sunk it's teeth in, tore me open a bit, and gave me a whole new perspective on the cosmos. Some of the most beautiful audiences I've ever met. And they also make incredible butter. If this is the last you hear of me, look to the west coast of the Ireland.

I'll be announcing some shows around Canada and elsewhere soon enough with more music and pieces of Amok to share, so let's keep in touch. But for now I hope you dig Within the Pale.

Much love and lady slippers ✨✨✨


A little about Amok:

Amok takes sonic cues from the places it was born in, geographically and mentally. It bends, sometimes, toward grandeur, like the vast and mountainous terrain surrounding O’Donovan’s hometown of Whitehorse, where most of the songs were written. It trades in a lushness of sound that recalls the all-encompassing greenery of Vancouver Island, where it was recorded.

Within the earthy, baroque psychedelia of his 3rd album, Amok, Declan O’Donovan meditates on losing track of time. It’s a phenomenon we’re all intimately familiar with — ”a pedestrian and profound thing to do,” as the Yukon songwriter puts it. We all lose track of time, get lost in time, struggle with our places in the world. Amok recognizes the miraculousness and mundanity of existence.

Amok is set for release on April 14th 2023.

Track listing:

1) Within the Pale

2) Every Revolution Around the Sun

3) Get Thee Behind the Wheel

4) Many Years From Now

5) All the World Above You

6) Maggie

7) People That We All Know

8) God Fearing Men

9) More Was Said Than Done

For more information: New Moon Publicity


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